Stress, Trauma and the Cumulative Effects of Work as a Law Enforcement Officer and First Responder

  • Thursday, January 28, 2016
  • 08:00 - 16:00
  • Santa Fe Community College/ Alachua Campus, 14180 NW 119th Terr, Alachua, Florida, 32615
  • 50


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Course Overview: Dr. McDougall’s course will provide a general overview of the unique psychological aspects of law enforcement and first responder work.  We will examine the biological mechanisms that are present during heightened awareness, hypervigilance and stress.  The most current research and data will be provided and utilized to assists attendees in understanding the various aspects of stress-related problems. 

The training will explore, in detail, specific forms of psychological abnormalities common in the law enforcement and first responder fields such as hypervigilance, cynicism, acute stress, acute stress disorder, post-traumatic stress, and PTSD.   Attendees will learn ways to identify, address and manage specific scenarios and issues.

Also discussed will be the impact that this unique line of work has upon the family and personal life of the employee.  Specific strategies to manage the negative impact of the job on one’s personal life will be presented and discussed.

The training will include visual presentations, video interviews with former law enforcement and first responder patients, and interactive role playing scenarios.  Because this training is designed to be interactive, Dr. McDougall will draw upon not only his own experiences, but more importantly, situations and experiences of the audience members.  Attendees will be invited and encouraged to discuss and deliberate their own agency/individual situations.  Dr. McDougall’s previous trainings and presentations have received outstanding reviews from law enforcement and first responder agencies and organizations.

Instructor: Dr. Grant McDougall

Dr. McDougall is a national board certified counselor and former faculty member at the University of Florida.  He operates a private practice in Gainesville, Florida.  Among his many roles, he specializes in working with law enforcement and first responder agencies and employees.  He is the mental health provider for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.  He also provides services for several other public safety organizations within Florida.  In his work with law enforcement, he provides in-service training for sworn officers, law enforcement academy training, pre-employment screenings, critical incident debriefings, fitness-for-duty evaluations, and private counseling services.  He also consults with administrators on policy and operational issues.

Dr. McDougall is a strong advocate for law enforcement personnel and first responders, and has worked closely with both agencies and individual officers and their families.  He has been on scene as critical incidents unfolded and worked with officers and administrators in the aftermath of tragedies.  He has also assisted family members in a wide array of issues directly related to the law enforcement and first responder professions.  His direct communication style and no-nonsense approach to treatment, consultations and training has helped him establish an outstanding reputation with both agency administrators and individual, front-line personnel.    

This will be a 4 hour presentation. We will then break for lunch and come back and do scenarios.

If possible bring your equipment so we may run several scenarios at one time.

Hope to see you all there.

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Please email me if you plan on attending with the names of everyone from your agency attending. We have to cap this training at 40.  Closing date for registration will be 01/21/16.

Sorry for the short notice, it’s been a busy year.


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