Hostage Negotiator Level I [EXTERNAL COURSE]

  • Monday, March 13, 2017
  • 08:00
  • Friday, March 17, 2017
  • 17:00
  • IPTM, University of North Florida Campus, Jacksonville, FL

Hostage Negotiation Level 1

Course Flyer

Course Announcement: Crisis Hostage Negotiation - Level I (Basic)

Dates: March 13-17, 2017

Hours: 8AM-5PM

Location: IPTM- Jacksonville, Florida

Instructors: Crisis Systems Management Staff

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The first in a series of three progressive courses, IPTM’s Crisis Hostage Negotiations – Level I addresses the fundamental skills of a successful crisis negotiator. We will prepare you to work as part of a coordinated negotiation team and handle a variety of crisis situations including hostage takers, barricaded subjects, and potential suicide victims.

You will learn the different phases of the negotiation process, from the introduction to the surrender, and specific strategies and techniques to be used along the way. We will discuss when negotiation may not be the best solution, what items are negotiable and non-negotiable, and what to do in non-response situations.

The effective application of active listening skills and the Behavioral Influence Stairway Model will be discussed at length and will be reemphasized during the Level II and Level III courses.

The management of intelligence and information is a critical aspect of mitigating any law enforcement threat and you will learn specific techniques for managing the flow of information during a crisis.

You will also gain a basic understanding of the psychological motivations of persons in crisis and learn to recognize the characteristics of emotionally disturbed persons. You will learn about the personality disorders which are most commonly encountered during a crisis incident as well as strategies for affecting a positive outcome. Challenging, team-oriented, scenario-driven practical exercises are an integral part of the course and will allow you the opportunity to practice and refine your crisis negotiation skills.

Topics include:

• Introduction to crisis negotiation

• Effective Communication I

• Pre-incident planning

• Command response

Phases of crisis negotiation

• Intelligence and information management

• Negotiating as a team

• Principles of crisis negotiation

• Law enforcement and the psychological crisis

• Abnormal psychology for crisis negotiators

• Suicide intervention for law enforcement

Note: This course meets most state, Department of Defense, and federal training requirements for crisishostage negotiator certification and is trained in accordance with guidelines established by the National Council of Negotiation Associations.

Prerequisites: You must be a member of the audience listed below to attend this course. Requests for exceptions must be approved by IPTM. Audience: Sworn members of law enforcement and corrections, hostage negotiators, patrol officers, military investigative personnel, non-law enforcement members of a crisis negotiation team, mental health professionals and clergy members supporting law enforcement activities

(CEH: 18-hours Technical Skill; 8-hours Interpersonal Perspectives; and 14-hours Skill Development)

Course length: 40 hours


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