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     First and foremost, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have accepted the challenge of being a negotiator!  As we all know, it takes a highly dedicated and skilled person to successfully fulfill the role of a crisis negotiator.  As an association, our mission is to provide a network for criminal justice professionals to share resources and to facilitate uniform training throughout the State.

     As your President, I want you to know my passion and dedication is supporting this mission and making this organization the best it has ever been.  Over the past few years, I have served on the FAHN Board as Regional Director and most recently as the association’s Vice President.  At the conference in 2016, I had the honor of becoming the FAHN President.  Because of previous dedicated leadership over the last two decades, we have grown from a tiny group of negotiators to an unbelievably strong association.  We are gaining momentum in many ways and I intend to ensure we continue in a positive direction.  With our membership approaching 900, I am excited about the opportunity to attract even more members and to make FAHN the model association others look to emulate.

     In the last few years, we have reformatted our conference style, offering multiple days of breakout sessions with a wide variety of topics from which to choose.  Our conference attendance is stronger than ever and our feedback on the new format has been overwhelmingly positive.

     Looking forward, the entire FAHN Board is committed to continue to enhance our organization by continuing to bring excellent training opportunities to you.  We are a solid association in many ways.  I intend to streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of our association by continuing to take advantage of available technology.  We will further enhance our electronic membership database and expand our social media presence as we move into the future.   We also plan to increase training available in each region.  We have several new Regional Directors who are full of new training ideas.  Keep an eye on our website for training opportunities in your area.

     I encourage you to look ahead to our 2017 conference, being held June 5-9, 2017 at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.  This conference is a milestone for FAHN; we will celebrate 20 years as an association and are already planning an AWESOME conference!  Additionally, we are hosting the National Council of Negotiation Associations (NCNA) meeting.  Representative from other associations around the country will be in attendance.  Information can be found on the “conference” page of this website and will be updated throughout the year as the conference approaches.

     For those of you visiting our website from outside the State of Florida, your point of contact is Heath Jackson, FAHN Ambassador at Large. For those of you from within the state, view our FAHN Regional Directors page and locate your director.

     I am humbled by the opportunity to serve as your President.  Please contact me anytime if there is anything I can do for you.  I am always looking for new training ideas we can bring to members throughout the State of Florida.  After all, it is feedback from our members that keep us on the right track.  Take care and stay safe.

Lt. Adam Goodner
St. Lucie S.O.

Deputy Farnell Cole
Alachua County SO
(352) 955-1835

Lt. John "Butch" Jones
Alachua County SO (Ret)
(352) 374-3654

Sgt. Terry Converse
Gainesville PD (Ret)

Chief Chris Summers
(850) 251-3407

Major Brent Coughlin (Ret)
Leon County SO

Jim McDonald
Department of Corrections

Asst. Chief Mary Olsen
Delray Beach PD 
(561) 243-7859

Allan O'Keefe
Hillsborough County SO (Ret) (813)323-5036

Capt. Lorenzo Waiters (Ret)
Manatee County SO
(941) 747-3011


Sgt. Brian Shorette

Escambia County SO

(850) 436-9630

Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators

PO Box 351904

Jacksonville, FL 32235-1904

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